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The Portland Ruby Brigade, also known as pdxruby and pdx.rb, is a user group for Ruby programmers in the Portland, Oregon area. The group welcomes all programmers interested in the language and its implementations, tools, libraries and frameworks, such as Ruby on Rails. The group has been meeting since August 2002 for presentations, demos and discussions applicable to all skill levels, from newbies and experts. Twice every month people come together to share their knowledge, projects and enthusiasm for Ruby – join us!

Meeting Times

Each first Tuesday of the month we have a virtual hangout over Zoom where we get to know each other, discuss projects we’re working on, share interesting content, and sometimes watch a recorded technical presentation as a launching pad for conversation.

Each third Thursday of the month we meet at the White Owl Social Club in Portland’s Central Eastside for socializing and informal networking.

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Past Meetings

Most recent meetings have full video recordings. Some older meetings have notes. For more info, check the mailing list archives.

Videos and Notes from Past Meetings

Learn about pdxruby’s history - we’re not merely a user group, but an open source culture incubator.

Meeting statistics: attendance for the last couple years.

Old site

You can access a static archive of the old website to get at old content. However, all the functionality of that old site has now been replaced with this wiki, Calagator and ePDX.

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