Name: Adrian Russell-Falla


serial tech company founder:
Rulespace (1996)
BigWake (1999)
Liquid Markets (2005)
Collectability (2006)

software guy turned tech marketer & entrepreneur.

holder of two US patents in neural network-powered content recognition – technology that currently powers Parental Controls infrastructure of AOL/Yahoo/MSN etc. by scanning >22,000,000,000 URLs/month with better than 99.993% accuracy. key IP acquired 2002 by MSFT.

FIRST Lego League coach [full-strength autonomous robotics challenges for middle-schoolers] Team Blood, Sweat & Gears.

periodic sidetrips into consumer guerrilla marketing: turned around struggling Two Rivers Montessori school [2001-3]; helped elect PDX Mayor Tom Potter, Councilman Sam Adams 2004.

lifelong small-boat sailor, motorcyclist