Name: Darshan Ishaya

IRC nick: :kcin crI (This field should be allowed to be blank)


New to Portland, Rails, and Ruby. I am most new to Portland, having arrived mid-January 2007; least new to Ruby, having written my first Ruby script in late summer 2006.

I am in love with Ruby, I adore Portland, and Rails is quickly growing on me. It took me about a day of playing to fall in love with Ruby. I don’t know how long it took me to adore Portland, as I had a brief stay of about 4 months here 3 years ago, and it happened then. I hated Rails upon initial inspection but have come to have an affinity for it. That may grow into love as I come to grok it deeper over time.

I won’t be able to make the March meeting, as I’m headed up for Canada for 2 weeks, leaving on Sunday. But I plan on coming to the April meeting.