Name: Kevin Nolan


I started programming Ruby On Rails since mid-2006. I have written, deployed, and have client recommendation for the 7 RoRs Web Apps ranging from mathematically intensive message-based Stock Trading Apps (which took 2 years to develop) to embedded Linux and RoRs apps reading realtime GPS data for buses along with passenger counting.

When I first learned of RoRs I felt I have finally “come home”. RoR was/is commercially viable, has a huge fan base who contribute high quality Open Source Gems, and has a roadmap for new functionally which rivals Google.

I could not say that about Common Lisp or even Smalltalk, at least in Portland. Those language had been my favorites until I discovered RoRs.

I bet my career on RoRs as being the “next-big-thing” and I have not been disappointed. Ruby On Rails keeps getting better with every new release and it is a pleasure to stay current, something that most engineer cannot say.