Portland Ruby Brigade

Job Posting Guidelines

We've had many job postings on the list, and we don't want them to stop. However, we do ask you follow a few guidelines to help you be more successful.


  • start the subject of your email with [JOB]. (Not (JOB), not {JOB}, not [JOB!!!1!eleventy!!]. Please use [JOB].)
  • Include a way for people to reach you, especially if you want people to use a different email address than the one you're posting with.
  • wait at least a month before reposting a job
  • only post jobs within 100 miles of Portland or run it by a moderator first.
  • don't copy/paste some corporate description. They are too boilerplate and vague for us.
  • avoid buzzwords. If you want a ninja rockstar to roflscale your project, you're looking in the wrong place.
  • don't post a description that came right from your lawyer's lips. Descriptions that sound like they're from a human do much better.
  • keep the descriptions short, technical & clear.
  • tell us about the culture, not just the benefits.
  • read and respond to comments on the mailing list regarding your post.
  • take a look at several well-received posts
  • take a look at what we don't care for

If you have any questions about posting a job, please send a message to the organizers on Meetup. Also, please ask before posting a job message via Meetup. It's a newer addition to our organization and we want to be careful in its use.

Job Replying Guidelines

We want all of our members to enjoy fruitful, satisfying careers. To that end, when replying to a job posting on the list, please consider composing your reply in a separate email to the sender. Not only does this eliminate the context of your email—giving you an opportunity to present yourself to the potential employer free of mailing list cruft—but it eliminates the sole greatest source of shame and embarrassment on the pdxruby list: the reply-all job inquiry. Don't be that person.